Of late, the shadowbanned concept has been the topic of debate on TikTok as there are noted to be a lot of varying definitions of what it is exactly, how someone can tell that it is happening and what users can do so that they correct it. There have been a lot of media platforms as well as online forums that were being accused of shadowbanning their users for a couple of years before the creation of TikTok. The term is now being revived now as a result of its connection to TikTok. Even though it is a common idea there is not anyone that can comfirm if shadowbanning is actually real. A lot of people these days are finding it hard to use the guidelines that they get because they just want to increase their online popularity and get a lot more followings. We have done a review that will explain to you a little bit about shadowbanning and how you can manage to keep yourself on the safe side of this app. In as much as some might find it fun to go against rules, you have to be clear of such.

What is a shadowban on TikTok

Shadowbanning is referred to by many as a practice that is used by apps to block their users from accessing the content that will be posted on the user’s profile, searching for your account or even responding to your messages. When it comes to TikTok it will be seen manifesting in a drop that is sudden in the number of views that your make your videos invisible for users that will be browsing through the For You feed.

The reasons why TikTok shadowbanned

For the mean time we can safely say that TikTok has not yet issued out any formal explanation on its shadowbanning techniques. This application however shadowbans all those people that are seen creating TikTok videos that are known to be a violation of the app’s community guidelines. Those that will be going against TikTok’s guidelines will be containing nudity, drugs, fake news, hate speech or even copyrighted music and so much more.

It would have been a very good idea for the app to issue out a warning first but what they do now helps a lot as it is a very good and effective way that is used to discipline content creators. This has helped a lot in trying to prevent permanent bans for users.

How to know if you are shadowbanned

The best way that you can check if you have been shadowbanned is to first check if any of your posts will be appearing in the hashtag searches. You can also try and make use of a TikTok shadowbanned checker and this will help you to tell when you have been banned as a result of the content that you will be posting. You can also make use of AutoTokker to check if you have been shadowbanned again.

Shadowban duration

This has always been a lot of people have been asking, how long these bans last. There have been some reports that say that those shadow bans on TikTok last for approximately 14 days. After those 14 days you will begin to notice a sudden drop in your engagements on your posts.

How to get unshadowbanned

If you want TikTok to lift your ban you have to do Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok again. When you reinstall the app you have to do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is to delete your recent video.

If that does not seem to work you have to try uninstalling and then reinstalling your TikTok app. It could sometimes be that your app will just needs an update to become fully functional again. Repost the video and you will then get the engagement that you need.

  1. Switch to a Pro Account

In some cases you would have not been shadowbanned and you would need to be focusing on your analytics. This application is known to provide its users with a way for them to check out the App’s analytics. This allows users to be able to easily monitor how far all their engagements have either increased or dropped. When you make use of this you will also be able to find out how you can be able to expand your audience.

  1. Do not Post Content That Goes Against Community Guidelines

If users produce videos that are known to violate the posting guidelines that are provided by TikTok, the shadowban that you would have gotten may be prolonged or you can even get your account to be permanently banned from TikTok. It is not only that, you also might want to lean a little bit to the side of creating content that will get you high on the algorithm and that means that you will be gaining a lot more views. You can check on your video analytics to see how this will be going.

  1. Avoid TikTok Spam Behavior

You might think that it might be harmless to raise followers by following an overwhelming amount of people on TikTok within a short period of time. This kind of spam behavior can actually get you shadowbanned, you have to make sure that you slow down on the follows.

How to know if your TikTok account is permanently banned

As we have highlighted earlier on that if you continue to post and to share content that will be regarded as going against the TikTok Community Guidelines it will be harmful to your own account. This will also get you to be permanently banned from this app. You can know that you have been banned when the app sends you notifications that will be telling you that your account has been banned and they will also give you the reasons as to why you have been permanently banned. It will be way safe for you to just work with the regulations that are set by the app for its users. You do not have to be carried away with a lot of stuff, be you and do what you like without being influenced by all those people on social media.


There are been an increase in the rate at which people are being banned by TikTok these days. Some simply find it hard to just follow some simple guidelines that would have been provided for them by the app. They have been noted to be posting content that is hurtful to others and this is what is not liked by the app. When someone does this they will be banned and after 14 days the shadowban will be lifted and the user can go back to posting. However if they continue to post the same stuff that would have gotten them to being banned, they will be permanently banned from the app. Just to be on the safe side one has to follow the simple guidelines that are there. There however is a way that a user can be able to lift the shadowban that they would have gotten, but have to be careful. At times one might not even be shadowbanned but there will be some difficulties with their account.

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