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You are likely to know those famous proverbs like “Meet by clothes, see off by mind” or “Good clothes open all doors”. Our ancestors were wise enough to create such gold words without completing 5-year university programs and without having the Internet. Clothes are not a crucial factor on your way to success. However, you have to be smart about what to wear. We have to observe a dress code when going to the restaurant, theatre, job interview, and, you might be surprised now, while streaming on Twitch. Regarding the latter, it is vital to know what outfits make an impression, look well on camera, and are relevant to your image. So, take off your shabby hoodie, and let’s try on something new!

Twitch Dress Code according to Community Guidelines

In 2018 Twitch set particular dress code rules for streamers. They specified which apparel is appropriate for streaming and which is not. It is difficult enough to enforce a specific dress code for each streamer as the content they produce is different. For example, an official suit will look ridiculous on the streamer who plays World of Tanks, and Twitch is aware of that. However, there are some restrictions and pieces of advice the streamer has to take into account:

  • creators should wear proper attire that would be publicly appropriate for the context, location, and activity they are broadcasting. Do not get upset! Your funny Pokemon costume is still allowed. If you would like to emphasize the country you are from, there are no restrictions regarding national costumes.
  • streamers should select those pieces of clothing that are appropriate for a public street, mall, or restaurant. However, this statement has been modified a little bit later. The appearance of the streamer must be relevant within the context of the broadcasts.

For example, workout clothes would be appropriate for a fitness stream and a swimsuit would be appropriate for a stream from a public beach.

  • the main and the strictest rule concerns female streamers. It is prohibited to put on low-necked clothes or other pieces that are sexually explicit, seductive or provocative.
  • it is strictly prohibited to denude breasts, the fifth point or other genitals alongside any sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse is also forbidden on the platform

However, if you stream conversations about sex and other mature topics and present it as educational material, you should not neglect Twitch dress code and mark your broadcasts as Mature Content via the channel’s settings as well.

Twitch also notes:

Occurrences of in-game nudity are permitted, so long as you do not make them a primary focus.

How to Select Clothes for Twitch Streams?

We know that tastes differ, and it is not that easy to make up a list of pieces of advice that will apply to everyone. Modern technologies make it possible to smooth out some slips in the choice of clothes, but not all.
We have gathered some basic recommendations to simplify the selection process of appropriate attire.

  • Choose clothes that your target audience will understand and appreciate. We have already mentioned that the topic of your stream, the game, the context are crucial moments to consider. So do your viewers! Always think about how you want your audience to apprehend you.
  • If you strive for becoming closer to the audience, soft fabrics and light shades will suit you. However, check whether light hues match to your individual color type.
  • Select comfortable clothes. You will have to sit in front of the computer for a long time. Nothing should distract or disturb you, and hinder your movements.
  • Do not put on clothes made of fabric that rustles, and tinkling accessories. They are likely to create annoying noise. The same story is with sparkling bracelets, earrings. They reflect light and distract viewers.
  • If you use a lapel microphone, do not put on clothes made of fairy textures such as chiffon. Under the weight of the collar mic, a T-shirt or blouse may start sagging and deforming the silhouette of clothes. This kind of mic can also make holes in clothes when you fasten it.
  • Take into account the background, and then chose the apparel that will not melt into it. You would not like to be seen as one dark spot, would you? It is better when you have an unicoloured background, of course. It gives you more freedom while selecting the colors of clothes. Just always remember that you are the main character of your stream and should not “get lost” in the surrounding space.
  • Even if black is your festive color, it does not look good on camera as it absorbs light. The camera does not like red and violet shades as well.
  • It would be good if you found or made your own schtick. For example, a brooch-talisman, a stylish hair bandage or a funny tie. You can, for example, put on the costumes of cartoon or film characters. This kind of thing will always be associated with you, and make you recognizable.
  • Avoid fine stripes, polka-dot, and plaid patterns on clothes. They can flicker, and create an undesirable effect.
  • Bright colors “cover” a person from the viewer. All the attention is concentrated on the details of clothes. Red, orange, terracotta, rusty red, carrot, tangerine, and others glow on camera and even give an unpleasant blur effect sometimes. Bright colors can be replaced with softer options: pink or burgundy instead of red, coral instead of tiger orange, etc.

Keep in mind: find the colors that suit you. “Your” shades will make you lively, attractive, energetic when unsuitable ones will give an impression that you are tired or upset.

It is a good idea to try recording the video yourself using the clothes you would like to wear. You will see whether your outfit looks well or you need to change something.

Examples of Appropriate Clothes for Twitch Streams

Here are some examples of clothes for male and female streamers that will be a happy choice for streaming.

For ladies:

Taking into account the recommendations below, and select comfortable but at the same time attractive clothes.

  • Sleeveless tops look appealing on camera but not vulgar.
  • Casual T-shirts and hoodies create an atmosphere of coziness. If only you had not worn them to work in the garden before started streaming.
  • If you prefer pinafore dresses, it would be cool if you were a T-shirt under it or not. Just not show more body parts than Twitch permits.
  • female streamer

  • There is the same story with dresses and skirts. Do not make the mistake of Kaitlyn Siragusa that is known as Amouranth on Twitch. Her dress lifted slightly, and her genitals were indecently exposed. Put on such a dress that will not let that happen.
  • If you are a streamer from the Food and Drink category, wear an apron. Select something catchy.

For gentlemen:

The male part of mankind worries less about how they look. However, they should put some effort to look decent on camera.

  • The tip n.2 about T-shirts and hoodies is relevant for both women and men. There is no sense to repeat it. Just have a look at a couple of lines above.
  • Lots of men adore plaid shirts. They look well outside but not on camera. It is better to give preference to a plain shirt of light blue, pink, cream or grey shades.
  • Clothes with inscriptions are still trendy. Let your audience know who is Real Hero or The Big Boss in da house.
    If you suddenly would like to stream wearing a hat, exclude bright colors – white, red, yellow – they will distract attention.
  • Tank tops may look attractive enough if you have something to expose. We mean muscles at the moment. But please not those mesh fishnet sleeveless tank tops.

For both:

You can pay obeisance to Twitch and put on a branded hoodie or a T-shirt. If you are a great fan of the game you stream, select pieces of clothes that will emphasize your devotion.

Where to Buy Clothes for Twitch Streams?

As all the outfits described above seem to be casual, we would recommend you to go to the department store and do some shopping. Very simple. However, the majority of people prefer online shopping to going outside, and standing in the line waiting for a free fitting room. All popular brands such as Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, Top Shop, and others have their online shops and sometimes even free shipping.

Amazon is always a good idea for buying clothes. Open Men’s or Women’s Fashion tab, and browse through a very long list of different apparel. There are plenty of online marketplaces such as Zappos, AliExpress, eBay. Do not forget that overall quality of the stream crucially impacts viewvership. We created a special guide on the best gear and software for high-quality streaming.


Outfits for Twitch streams depend on you only. We are sure that you have a good taste and will take into account all our pieces of advice to look brilliant on camera while streaming for the next time. It is high time you took off your shabby hoodie, isn’t it?

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