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Communication and interaction are those things we are not able to exist without in modern society. Sometimes we get tired of people and prefer hiding in the forest to living in a big city. However, such a desire usually passes over very quickly.

All social media, up-to-date services, and platforms try to win over your time and engage in a conversation. Twitch, for example, is crazy about creating a community. Twitch Chat proves it. It is a perfect way to connect people and build a loyal relationship among them.

To make chatting even more captivating, Twitch allows using links in the chat while the stream is on. What for? How to deal with links in Twitch? Get the answers. Do not thank.

How to Enable Links in Twitch Chat

We have already sorted out that to post links in Twitch Chat is an integral part of communication among streamers and their community. Viewers share music or some stuff that might be beneficial for a streamer and other viewers as well. I hope that information below will help you stop asking the question: “Why can’t I post links on Twitch?” or “How could I allow my viewers to post links in chat?”

  • Unblock Hyperlinks

  • If you are a streamer, go to Creator Dashboard on Twitch, and click on Moderation in Settings. You will see a block Chat Options with a box Block Hyperlinks. Do not turn this option on and everybody will be able to post links in your chat. Otherwise only the channel owner, channel moderators, Twitch staff and admins will be able to juggle with the links.

    block links

    Dear viewer, if a streamer made up his mind to block hyperlinks, you will not be able to post any if you are not VIP. VIPs are allowed to post links in chat even when they are disabled, and get lots of other advantages being valuable members of a streamer’s community.

  • Handle with bots

  • There are lots of bots now that assist streamers. They are able to perform a huge amount of the most diverse work. Streamers use bots as a spam-filter, for commands, polls, etc.

    Sometimes, these bots block links in chats as they take them for spam or undesirable information. One of the most popular bots is Nightbot. Let’s take it as an example to make things clear.

    Nightbot sign in

    You are allowed to manage the links in Nightbot Spam Protection menu or with the help of the !filters command.

    For example, you can use the !permit command to temporarily allow some viewers to post a link. There is also a !permit night command that gives a right to the user night to post links for 60 seconds.

    If we consider Nightbot Spam Protection menu, it is even more simple. You just find Links in the menu and disable protection filter in Actions.

    Nightbot menu links

    There is an option with Nightbot such as Link Whitelist. The links from this list should be entered one entry per line. Entire websites or specific links are usually allowed.

  • Get the permission from a moderator

  • This item is more relevant to the viewers. If you want your links to be posted but a streamer has blocked all the opportunities, send them to a moderator. If he finds your links relevant, they could appear in a desirable chat. Only the most persistent and patient viewers are ready for this kind of action.


An opportunity to post clickable links in Twitch chat causes arguments. Sometimes the viewers hunger for sharing some stuff they seem is important. However, it is highly recommended for streamers to use bots to filter spam, prevent the chats from flood, and random links that may do harm.
Dear viewers, treat “your colleagues” and favorite streamers with respect. May the relevant links be with you!

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