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I am sure that sometime you were asked such a question on a typical job interview: “Do you prefer teamwork or working independently?” According to Google and Human Resources specialists, the right answer is – “I enjoy both!” What is the best algorithm of actions on Twitch then? Lots of Twitch teams have been created for 8 years of its existence. It sounds cool to go hand in hand with your fellow broadcasters and feel a part of something bigger. Are there any pitfalls or only benefits of collaboration together with other streamers? Let’s clear all your doubts, and choose the most suitable variant of your presence on Twitch!

What are Twitch Stream Teams

You were likely to have similar unions in your childhood. A group of classmates gathered together after school and set off to a gaming club to play Counter-Strike 1.6.

Twitch stream teams are basically a group of broadcasters who voluntarily brought together and created a community of interest. Usually, they are bound with a common goal, mindset, game, or approach to streaming. It is a good way to unite and connect streamers that lots of Twitch partners have already picked.

How Do They Work

As I have mentioned above, teams on Twitch can only be created by a partnered streamer.
Twitch teams work together under a distinctive banner. If someone is a part of at least one team, you’ll be able to see this under their stream title. The most important asset of Twitch teams is networking. As a rule, so-called colleagues do multi streams, podcasts or videos together. In a word, try all kinds of collaborations possible.

How to Join Twitch Teams

When a partnered streamer who is in charge of the team notices the broadcasters that will be a good fit for his group of like-minded people, he can ask to join. First of all, make sure you have a top-notch stream setup with high-quality equipment. Sometimes, it is also possible to send an application or a direct message to the creator and inform that you would like to collaborate together.

If you have got such an invitation from a creator, you should know how to accept it.

  1. Click on your avatar or icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Settings from the list.
  3. Click on the tab Channel and Videos.
  4. Scroll down and find the section My Teams.
  5. Select Accept on a team invite.

Please note: the owner of your team can have access to see your starts and revenue if you are also a partnered streamer on Twitch, and made up your mind to share this data. Just to see not be related to it somehow. Your revenue remains tied to your account only.

Where to Find Teams on Twitch

twitch team

In general, the most active streamers know in advance which community of interest they would like to join. They follow their broadcasts and are aware of all the updates. In general, members of the team are displayed in the left-hand member list. Currently, live channels are shown on the top of the list. Live members are also featured in the team’s video player, and the description is shown below.

The most daring viewers look for recruiting teams even on Google or bother other streamers to find out more. I am not sure about these two options but Reddit, for example, can be helpful enough. There is a series of posts via this link published one year ago but there are lots of info that could be useful while you are in search.

How Many Twitch Teams Can You Be In

Good news that there is no limit of teams you can be in. However, keep in mind that it might take much energy to be present everywhere. You will get nothing besides showing up on more pages if you are in the same game community but stick to several different groups. Basically, viewership remains the same. The more is not always the better. However, It is still up to you.

Pros and Cons of Joining

It is always necessary to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision. I will not exaggerate the importance of joining a Twitch team. Nevertheless, if streaming is a significant part of your existence – think twice.


  • Networking. It is a good chance to brings eyes of a higher number of viewers to your page and multiply your brand awareness. What is more, you will make friends with other streamers, and take valuable lessons from them.
  • The spirit usually makes you move towards the goal even if you are about to give up. Team members will not allow you to weaken but will encourage, and support.
  • It is a way to understand whether you are more effective while collaborating with others or on your own. If you want to grow as a streamer, you’d better know for certain.
  • If you have a responsible CEO, you can learn from his example how to organize, manage, and lead streamers to success. Once upon a time, when you get ready to create your own Twitch team, you will be tech-savvy and well-shod.
  • You will be involved in various activities such as podcasts or multi streams. And again, you will get valuable experience from all of that stuff.


  • Some stream teams have got very strict rules or requirements. They can forbid you to join several teams. There is another scenario: you are allowed to be in several ones but are required to have only certain stream team visible on your channel at a time.
  • The leader can create it being guided by selfish reasons. You might be just used to grow the audience of the creator. No one is safe from such a situation. It is always risky.
  • You may be the complete opposite of your colleagues and will fail to adapt to its tone of voice, goals, etc. In such cases, you can sacrifice yourself and even lose someday.

How to Make a Team on Twitch

When you are certain of creating a team on Twitch, there are lots of issues to take into account.

A gentle reminder one more time: only partnered streamers have the power of making teams on Twitch. However, any user can join it if receives an invitation.

Do the following to create one:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your Partner Account.
  2. Follow this link to email Twitch partner support with a request.
  3. Provide such info as Team Page URL (, Display Name, and Twitch account to own/edit.
  4. Submit your application clicking on a purple button.

If your application is successfully processed, you will be sent an email back with a URL.

Please note: the team page URL cannot be changed once set.

How to Add People to Your Team

Once you were approved and got a URL, you will have access to the edit section for the team page. Here, you can invite people to join in.

  1. Go to the Static Page.
  2. Twitch Team-Page-Static

  3. Click on the Members section.
  4. Type in the box the name of the streamer on Twitch you would like to invite.
  5. Then tap Add.
  6. Having done this, you can inform the streamer that you have sent an invitation, and instruct him how to act to accept it.

add_member_twitch team

How Many Twitch Teams Can You Have

From the side of the streamer, you can be a member of an unlimited number of squads. However, Partners are limited to a total of two stream team requests.

Can Twitch Affiliates Make Teams

At the time of writing this blog post, only Twitch Partners have an opportunity to create a team. Affiliates are still not allowed to.

How to Edit Twitch Teams

An opportunity to manage and edit Twitch teams is available as for an owner as for its members.

How to Make Changes for Owners

  1. Go to your channel Settings.
  2. Click on Channel and Videos.
  3. Navigate to the My Teams section.
  4. Click on the team name to go to the page needed.
  5. Click on the Edit button.
  6. You will get to the Dashboard to make necessary changes.

The Dashboard allows to perform the following:

  • Invite or remove members.
  • Decide the order of priority. When multiple members are streaming at the same time, the priority determines who will be featured on the main page.
  • See stats and revenue options of the members if they made this info available to see.
  • Choose channels to feature.
  • Make changes of name, public description, logo, banner, and background image.

How to Make Changes for Members

The steps to get to the Team Dashboard are the same as for the owners. However, the options differ. You will be able to:

  • View the line-up.
  • See stats and revenue, if checked.
  • Select/change a team to be the main one.
  • Remove yourself.

Is it Better to Create My Own Team or Join Another?

The answer is tied up to your goals. You should be ready for spending much time on establishing a good relationship among “the crew members” when decide to create a group of fellow streamers. You should define a goal, work out logo, brand identity, help promote the streams of your Twitch mates, and take the course of events under control. In a word, you will have to be responsible for all the management to create a professional image and lead your team for success. If you feel that the traits of character and the level of knowledge are enough to be responsible for more than one person (yourself, I mean) – go ahead!

If you are not interested in all that stuff, I described below – join another team, enjoy being guided, and get involved in cross-promotion.

There is the third variant. Neither create one nor join another. You can grow your personal brand. Own business is always better than working for a company. At least because you will hardly cheat yourself.

How to Leave a Team

If you are fed up with your experience being in tight relationship with other streamers, first message the owner and explain the reasons for your decision. Anyway, it will look polite. Then do the following:

  1. Go to your channel Settings.
  2. Click on Channel and Videos.
  3. Navigate to the My Teams section.
  4. Click on Remove.

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The experience of being in a team on Twitch is definitely a valuable one. You can exchange knowledge, find out new things that were beyond your way of thinking, interact and cooperate with like-minded people. You have just got the ultimate to make your choice easier. There is only to consider all the pros and cons and make a decision. No matter which one, it will be definitely right because it is yours!

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