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Nowadays, Twitch is a very popular streaming platform. It was originally made for entertainment and playing/streaming video games. Later, Twitch Creative and IRL broadened horizons of the platform and subsequently provided Twitch with a greater influx of fans. There are actually many female professional gamers that use the service. However, it seems that some of them neglect the rules and policies of the site.
Alongside the development of Twitch, lots of dirty tricks started to pop up. Somebody once told that if he had enough authority, he would make a new category and title it “Twitch Thots”. Who are they? Is there a place for them on Twitch? Let’s shed some light upon the issue.

Who is a Twitch Thot?

You would be surprised at the fact that even Urban Dictionary explains the meaning of this set phrase. The term “thot” without an attachment Twitch appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2012, and stands for “that ho over there.” A little bit later, it started being used to describe a woman as sexually promiscuous.
Perhaps, it sounds like a sexist term that is designed to define streamers by their looks but if only the best part of mankind was not out of line.

Basically, Twitch Thot is a female that uses her body as an instrument for monetary gain from gamers while streaming.

These women usually wear provocative clothing and try to focus a camera on their breasts, rear end, or stripped body parts. They do not produce proper gameplay or good content and pollute Twitch non-appropriate material. It seems that these ladies mixed up Twitch with a porn website. However, they succeed well in getting donations, tips, and paid subscriptions, doing nothing but seducing young sexually aroused boys. Sometimes they claim money by crying, complaining about their failures and hard life, pretending to be fragile.

Twitch thots do not care about their viewers as their main goal is to get more money.

female streamer

How to identify a Twitch Thot?

If you would not like to be easily hoodwinked by these so-called Sirens, you’d better know your enemy by sight.

Here are 10 distinctive features to reveal a Twitch thot:

  • good-looking women
  • give their viewers those puppy dog eyes
  • wear seductive and provocative clothes
  • expose their “private body parts”
  • usually, they are very bad at gaming
  • neglect and break Twitch rules
  • they are not ashamed to beg for money on camera
  • pretend to be silly (perhaps, they are)
  • as soon as they feel danger, they start behaving like innocent victims
  • if someone calls them “thots”, “whores” or “sluts”, they defend themselves pointing out that someone is sexist.

Telling examples of Twitch thots

The best and one of the latest examples of Twitch thots was a situation with Amouranth. There was a rumor that she lied to her viewers about the relationship status, pretending to be single according to accusations from YouTuber L OF THE DAY. People divided into two camps: when one defended Amouranth, others accused her of lies and inadmissible behavior, calling Twitch thot. In September, Amouranth was blocked on Twitch. While playing with her dog, she exposed her genitals. Twitch blocked her account about 12 hours after the broadcast.

There is another story with Alinity and PewDiePie. The female streamer was called a Twitch thot because of playing games wearing the shortest skirt ever. Later PewDiePie apologized for using the term “Twitch thot”. However, it successfully established itself on Twitch and started being attributed to almost every single girl.


Such female streamers as Pink_Sparkles, Lilchiipmunk, Djarii, and others also sin against Twitch Community Guidelines, and we are sure they are sometimes called Twitch thots in small circles.

The incident with Heather Kent is also worth doing. While having a broadcast, she started breastfeeding her baby. Twitch removed the video of this moment because of the demonstration of a naked breast.

It is a little bit incomprehensible how Twitch chooses which channels to ban and which allow to prosper and refuse the platform’s policies. Only Twitch knows the answer.

Why doesn’t Twitch take any measures?

It is obvious that such kind of content is inadmissible on Twitch. Nevertheless, these female streamers manage to make a lot of money. Despite Community Guidelines, Twitch perhaps does not encourage porn content but allows it on the platform.
Twitch policies

Twitch thots get lots of views, donations, and it is profitable, anyway. We do not know for sure but we can’t find another reason why it is still not over. Someone successfully noticed that it’s prostitution without penetrating. Nothing to add, actually.

We encourage all the streamers to focus on stream quality in our special twitch streaming guide and never cross the line by risking their personal reputation to get a quick buck.


Being a prominent and trendy video streaming service, Twitch is not going to yield the palm to anybody. Nevertheless, the presence of Twitch thots does not give it an honor. We have no right to define whether Twitch is right or wrong. Its approach and behavior are on its conscience.

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