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Oh, this never-ending battle between Twitch and YouTube. They are like Burger King and McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Pepsi, BMW and Audi. Each of them has its own magic tricks, special features, and supporters. As a matter of fact, these two platforms do not differ from each other very much. However, it is all about preferences, and this is you who decide whether Twitch is better than YouTube or not.

Let’s get the hang of details, and assure ourselves that we have made the right choice about the best platform for our streams, or change our mind and opt for a competitor.

Is Streaming on YouTube Better than Twitch?

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The older you get, the wiser you become. We can draw conclusions from the age point of view. Twitch was launched in 2011 with a focus on gaming only when YouTube Gaming saw the world in 2015. Twitch is 4 years older than its main competitor YouTube Gaming. But let’s turn back time and recall that YouTube Live was launched in 2011. “Who is the imitator?” – this is a question.

Both of them are struggling for a victory in this race growing the audience and improving the conditions to monetize content.

The users of Twitch just like the users of YouTube gaming can earn money from the ads displayed during their live streams. However, you can also earn money by donations and joining YouTube Gaming Partner Program. Your fans can donate a small contribution per month and get access to sponsor-only live chats, purchased messages specific emojis. Everybody gets benefits.

They say that the algorithm of YouTube works better in terms of recommendations of your stream.
This platform is not so overcrowded and you are more likely to stand out from the crowd and get discovered by viewers faster. With an opportunity to save your stream, your viewers can watch a video and get involved in your activities anytime.

If you are a viewer, you can feel more confident with YouTube Gaming than Twitch as its interface is familiar in terms of navigation. Moreover, there is the in-stream DVR that allows viewers to go back in time for up to three hours, and start watching a stream from the beginning if they missed it. The streamers can also share the stream in an edited version after ending of the stream for a viewer to watch the most significant moments.

Being a part of an advanced and already well-known platform YouTube, YouTube Gaming offers better reach to a pre-existing audience.

What is the Difference Between Streaming on YouTube and Twitch?

The main difference between these two services is in the quantity of audience. For now, Twitch can boast of nearly 64 thousand users, creating approximately 1.9 million hours of content, while on YouTube Gaming there are about 22 thousand users who generated 460 thousand hours of broadcasts.

However, YouTube Gaming offers better technical qualities of video streaming in real time 1080p, 60fps, and you can select specifications according to your needs. This point could become a decisive step before selecting a service.
You can live stream on YouTube, of course, but you can also upload a cut video. So, you need to know the basics of editing.

Each of these video gaming channels has got its mobile application. However, YouTube was more popular for streaming from mobile devices as it has streaming functionality built in with an easy-to-use broadcast button.

Please note: your channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers to start streaming on mobile

Should I Stream on Twitch or YouTube?

You know, it is much better to get your own experience and make up conclusions.
If you are a newcomer, and less prepared from a technical point of view – try YouTube Gaming or YouTube Live. You can start streaming via the mobile that gives you an opportunity to stream strolling around the city, for example. YouTube is more flexible in point of the content.

However, if you are more serious about this kind of activity, you should know that Twitch gives access to a larger audience and offers a better setup for a beginner. But it has got stricter rules and can ban you for strange reasons sometimes like inappropriate donations from viewers.

Having fewer users, you can become make up your community quicker and with effortless skills on YouTube but get less money than it could be using Twitch.

It is all about the goals you have set in front of you. Take them into account as a starting point!

Why Twitch is Better Than YouTube?

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Devoted fans of YouTube are ready to cast some doubt on the subtitle above. However, let me reveal some pros that make Twitch better than YouTube though.

Twitch is focused on creating a community with a loyal public who will support you and applause in any case. Producing live content which is more personalized a priori, you will be able to interact more with your people. The average watch time about 106 minutes per user daily. There is a number of regular viewers on Twitch that will stay with you day by day.

With a focus on gaming content, there is a separate IRL (in-real-life) category hosting lifestyle-related content: Travel and Outdoors, Food and Drink, Beauty and Body Art, etc. This categorization increases the chances of being discovered by your target group.

I have already covered a question about monetization. Just a slight reminder. Twitch gives you more opportunities to make money by means of Bits, a sponsorship program for viewers, donations, and ads.

Twitch is more responsible for its chat system. There is the AutoMod tool that is able to block or flag inappropriate messages that a moderator will deal with later. In a word, there are less useless smiles, and spam messages.

If you would like to improve a public speaking skill, overcome shyness and become more confident – pave a way to Twitch. You can’t go wrong.


Overall, Twitch and YouTube are both very cool, each in its own way. That is a matter of taste. Clarify your needs, goals, and preferences first, and then you will understand what direction to move to. In order to avoid the tortures of choice, there is also an opportunity to stream simultaneously on Twitch and YouTube. Follow the link to discover this issue deeper.

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