Vadim Pinskiy

Not every person can be called a self-made one but this description can be definitely applied to Vadim Pinskiy – a professional, talented, and eloquent personality who drives the engine of Nanotronics Imaging. This company works on combining AI, robotics, super-resolution, and 3D imaging for the manufacturing of the future and quality control processes. Vadim Pinskiy takes the position of the vice president of research and development in this company and performs lots of responsibilities there. He is responsible for overseeing product development, short-term R&D, and long-term AI platforms development.

Such a high position and recognition of Vadim Pinskiy is the result of his extensive experience, skills, and years of education. He was originally interested in electrical and biomedical processes, so he entered the Stevens Institute of Technology and completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in this field. His next achievement was the next Master’s degree in biomedical engineering earned at Cornell University. However, a great interest and desire to discover and invent inspired Vadim to continue research and complete a doctorate work in neuroscience. This scientific work was devoted to mouse neuroanatomy with the use of high throughput whole slide imaging and advanced tracing techniques.

Being in charge of the huge department in the US-based company, Vadim Pinskiy resides in the New York Area, the US. He has been working in Nanotronics since September 2018 but can boast several dozens of patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). His first patent for Method and apparatus for capnography-guided intubation was granted in 2007 when he worked with a group of other scientists and developed an application on this topic. However, over 20 next patents have been granted to Vadim while he was working for Nanotronics. He participated in the development and improving projects connected with automatic microscope focus, providing feedback and improving the accuracy of super-resolution imaging, manufacturing process, assembly error correction and dynamic training for assembly lines, fluorescence microscopy inspection systems, and many others.

Currently, being a talented and skillful professional, scientist, and researcher, Vadim continues to develop his interest in applying advanced Artificial Intelligence methods and systems to solving practical problems in biological and product manufacturing. He is invited as a speaker to conferences to share the experience of his development team. One of such events was O’Reilly AI Conference San Jose 2019 devoted to artificial intelligence, information technology, and machine learning. Vadim spoke about the AI platform that can be used on existing 3-D printers. It can detect and classify spatial errors at any printed layer within that part and use this data to automatically adjust the inner structure of subsequent layers to maximize the performance of the entire part.

Vadim Pinskiy is one of the people who contribute to the development of the modern manufacturing process and introduce new innovative technologies that make people’s lives better, easier, and more exciting.

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