In 2020, millions of jobs switched online, resulting in the mass popularity of the video communication app Zoom. The market share of the app grew by 470.33% in 2020. Zoom now has over 450,000 customer companies with more than ten employees. Thanks to its growing following, Zoom brings many opportunities for companies. For example, it is an excellent app for virtual team building. Here is the definitive list of online team building games that you can try on Zoom today.

1. Project Avatar

If you are a fan of escape rooms, Project Avatar allows you to play a similar game online as a part of a team of up to 15 people. This game is just like an offline quest on the location; however, it also blends the elements of a video game and a theater play. The game is live-streamed on Zoom. The interface and the location are real. You control the actions of an actor who plays the character on the location. You make all the decisions for him, and he moves through the place depending on what you say to him.

The game has all the elements of the great quiz, including challenging puzzles, jump scares, hidden rooms, and the haunting design of the location. It lasts for 90 minutes, and your goal is to receive the maximum score. It is an online team building game that stands out because of how immersive it is. You will feel as if you are in a game location and will most certainly forget that it takes place on Zoom.

Project Avatar

2. Codenames

Codenames is a popular board game that easily translates to Zoom, and you are not likely to feel any difference. In the game, people are divided into two teams, with a spymaster at the head of each. There is a set of 25 codenames: red ones belong to team A, blue ones belong to team B, and white ones do not belong to anyone. There is also one card with the “killer” codename that should be avoided at all costs. The spymaster is the only one who owns the map that shows the status of the codenames. They should hint their teams at the codenames by telling them related words. The winning team is the one that successfully recovered all of their codenames. You can play this game on Zoom using a free website that provides an easy-to-follow interface.


3. Icebreaker Games

Zoom or not, the icebreaker games are a classic for any team. What Do We Have in Common? is an icebreaker activity that translates to Zoom very easily. The game is divided into several rounds. For the first round, everyone has to find the most unique thing they have in common. For the second round, everyone does the same, but naming geographical locations and physical characteristics are not allowed. For the third round, you and your co-workers have to find something unique in a very specific category, like hobbies or university. This game is an easy and free bonding activity that helps to know your teammates better.

Icebreaker Games

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