Instagram is a media-sharing application, one that has grown to become quite an impressive global social network. Users of all kinds, from all over the world, meet on the network. With this level of diversity, some profile holders are seen to be paranoid, and some tend to worry  a lot, where all of them end up asking the same question, “Who stalks your Instagram?” We took it upon ourselves to respond to this question, with a guide of how one can see those who view their accounts.

How to see who stalks your Instagram

Well, there are many ways to do this, just that most of them are not provided by Instagram itself. The most you can do with the app is to just check your likes and views lists from time to time, taking note of accounts that appear regularly. All the other ways now involve the use of third-party applications the likes of those that are listed below.

Best Instagram stalkers apps

The following applications are found to be the most effective for identifying anyone who lurks on your Instagram very often:

Follower Insight for Instagram

Though this application does not exactly go to define them as stalkers, it helps you to keep an open tab on anyone who follows you on Instagram. You get notified if one of your followers unfollows you, or if they block you. It is available on the Play and App stores alike and is completely free to download.


  • Follower tracking


  • No specific stalker feature
  • Too many ads

Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile

This application sends you consistent notifications of individual accounts that regularly pop onto your Instagram profile. It does not end there, where the app also monitors and informs you of all those who check your stories more than once.


  • The app is free
  • Compatible with Apple iOS and Android alike
  • Instant report generation and provision


  • The interface is not ad-free


This application makes it possible for you to monitor the activity surrounding your profile at all times, down to the smallest detail. This means that all those who open your Instagram and view your highlights or photos are gathered, put in order, and sent to you to analyze as you please. It is available on the Play and App stores, as well as on some other platforms


  • Highly accurate operation
  • Displays regular visitors, using its unique algorithm
  • Free download


  • No PC version

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

This is a fully automated app that facilitates its own collection of data each time you open it. While it does this, the program invokes multitasking protocols to check the full depth of activity that occurs surrounding the platform. It is then collected and presented for you to view, as required.


  • Diversified compatibility with various types of devices.
  • Fast processing
  • Free usage


  • The app does not seem to receive any updates

Profile+ Followers & Profiles Tracker

With this app, you can see who saves your posts, be it on your main feed, or on your story. It also takes note of all your active followers and sends you a notification each time when someone unfollows or even blocks you.


  • Ease of use
  • Efficient analytics


  • Only gives a broad idea of who stalks your Instagram profile

InReports – Followers, Story Analyzer for Instagram

Anyone who opens your profile and takes a look at your posts is taken note of by this relatively new app. You then receive statistical reports, presented accordingly, or by request. On top of this feature, the app also conducts full studies on all other areas that make up your profile. Downloading the app is completely free.


  • Multi-operational application
  • Wide compatibility
  • Simple UI


  • The UI holds some adverts

FollowMeter for Instagram

This application’s way of operation gives it more of a managerial approach. It keeps track of all your followers, along with your insta-posts and stories. Still, it broadens your overall scope of the kind of people who generally show interest in your profile.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective processing


  • Does not specify exact stalker accounts

Visitors Pro

This application is well-reputed for its level of accuracy, where it effectively provides regular reports of the people who open your Instagram. It is completely free to download, after which it runs automatically to collect and analyze your data.


  • Fast processing
  • Clear interface


  • Only available on iOS

Stalker Reports – Who Views My Instagram Profile

The name itself says is all – the developers of this application mean business. All your stalkers are compiled and presented for you, along with additional statistical data typically regarding the number of individual visits. The application also collects data regarding your stories and each of your posts.


  • Available on Android operating system
  • Free to download
  • Accurate stats


  • Does not seem to have an Apple OS version

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

This application displays just about everything regarding your profile, the likes of unfollowers, blockers, story viewers, and, of course, all those who open your profile.


  • Available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Simplified interface


  • The UI is littered with adverts

Other ways to find out who stalks your Instagram

Besides the listed lurking apps, there are some other tricks that can give you an idea of who stalk your Instagram profile. This is simply using your IG account as you normally would. While doing this, make it a regular habit to check who views your story or those who like or comment on your post. If some names tend to pop up on a regular basis, you may have found yourself an insta-stalker.

Why find out who stalks your Instagram

Why not? Some people’s occupations come with high-security risks, along with widespread opposition. These people may want to find out if their accounts are stalked, and by who. Their respective ways of dealing with those identified may differ, but it generally eases their paranoia towards the unknown. At the same time, some people find it a win to have a profile that is worthy to be stalked. These are normally individuals who have ties to the entertainment industry. All in all, the larger majority of Instagram users seek to find out who stalks them in order to get a general idea of the types of crowds that their profiles attract.

Handling stalking on Instagram

Depending on the type of user, there is more than one way to deal with people that have been identified to be stalkers. Again, this response also depends on the user’s relative activities, where some people are prominent community members, some are socialites, some are high-ranking government figures, some are popular artists, and others are well-known activists, and so on. Together, these factors are what determine the overall response that one will have upon identifying a stalker. They even determine the reaction to it. The following is why:

In day-to-day life, there are people like musical artists, models, and so on. Their entire operational scene identifies stalkers as positivity, the positivity that one must expect and revel in. To such ends, such people generally ignore stalkers. Then there are those like government officials, prominent community people, and political, social, and environmental activists. Their line of operation is usually one with conflict, offense, and defense, where they are met by others with opposing views. As such, they may identify stalkers as threats, and see to it that they are identified and restricted immediately, where such accounts are blocked and sometimes reported.

That said, we are well aware of those users who do not fall into any of these classifications. What we can say about that is staling is generally met with insecurity, social paranoia, and a lot of confusion. As such, most simply block stalkers, while some can even find it in themselves to confront stalkers and others even go on to name and shame stalkers by way of tags and screenshots. At the end of the day, it is the user’s call.


What is an Instagram stalker?

This refers to an individual account that visits another person’s page on a regular basis, where some of them go on to put up comments and like each and every post by the user. They are commonly associated with social incapability and in, some cases, undercover activity.

Does Instagram allow me to see who lurks on my Instagram?

No, Instagram does not provide its own feature that allows you to see stalkers. Rather, you have to make use of external services or applications that allow such.

Do I pay for these applications?

In most, the download comes at no cost. Some are paid, but with very low price rates. However, most of these apps either feature a pro version that pops up after installation or a litter of ads. The pro version is paid, as is the removal of ads.


It is no secret that stalkers exist on the Instagram network. At the same time, some of it is seen to be genuine interest that is mistaken for stalking. Whatever the case, a lot of applications now facilitate the analysis of profiles, where most of them are quite impressive, as seen through this review.

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