Facebook can very much be considered as the prime social media platform, amassing the most users the world over, much higher than any other platforms. The platform operators manage to come up with a global service that attracts users of all age groups, from the youngest teenagers, to not so young grandmas and grandpas.

This is a measure of their strategic prowess, where they take creativity and innovation to a whole other level, one that is unknown by any of the competition. Initially, the mission that the developers had in mind was that of coming up with the best service for socialization and pastime media sharing. Needless to say, they saw an unprecedented level of success. Today, the platform extends its services even to those who wish to boost their business ventures, where peoples are free to market their products or services as they would like.

With many active users comes many more questions, inquiries, and requests. If you are an active -enough participant on the platform, you have probably asked yourself the question of who views your Facebook page. If so, then this review is made just for you, so sit back and enjoy.

Can people see who viewed their Facebook page?

We think it best to first take a look at why people would want to see who viewed their Facebook profile. Well, upon conducting some generalized analysis, we can conclude that most registered users of social media tend to be overly conscious about the kind of impression that their profiles give off to all other individuals who may come across it. In most cases, when people post on their feed, they tend to map out a target audience. Just as important are the profile picture and short bio. You would find that quite a decent amount of thought and effort is put into each of these, all aimed towards the initial impression, an impression whose type differs with the type of person and their relative agenda.

Now comes the main question, that being whether or not one can actually see a full list of other accounts that visited their page over a period of time. Frankly, the answer to that is no, there is no sure-shot way that you can request or use a function that collects and displays all those accounts that visit your page. Be that as it may, such can be done, as will be elaborated below.

How to see who views your Facebook?

The reason why we concluded that there is no way for you to see who views your Facebook profile is simply because there isn’t; Facebook and its operators do not provide any standard method of doing such. However, there are a few workarounds that seem to do the job, where available. These are given below as follows:

Viewing Feature on Facebook

We think the best to start with a method that is actually provided by the operator. This is because of one main reason; there are no strings attached, whatsoever. That said, there is a downside to this feature, which is it’s exclusive availability to iOS devices and no other. It was developed somewhat at the request of Apple and is only usable while on their version of the application. So to use this feature, you need to go to the Facebook menu while in the app. From there, you need to click on the “Settings and Privacy” button. Here, a new feature will be available, labeled as “Who Viewed My Facebook.”

Note that the availability of this feature was exclusive at the time of this review. Android and Web users can still update their applications to see if the feature was added on.

Use of Browser Extensions

Although we are quite sure that there are many extensions that do this, we found Flatbook to be the most reputed and use. At the time of this review, the Faltabook extension only worked for Google Chrome. To use it, you first need to download the extension in Chrome. You then install it and log into your Facebook account. Once in, click on the extension icon, and select  “Profile Visitors” from the short menu, this will present 20 individual accounts that view your profile the most.

Manual Inspection

Again, you use Chrome for this one. When you log into your account, leave it on the main page and right-click. From the pop-up, select the “View Page Source”. Use Control + F to activate the search bar, and type in InitialChatFriendsList. This will show a list of people who visit your profile at lot, presented in ID form. Copy an ID, leaving out the dashed number at the end, and type in the link, https://www.facebook.com /(Copied ID number). This shows you the profile.


Can people see when you look at their Facebook?

As this review depicts, yes they can. To such ends, it is best to keep your activity to a controlled pace, lest you be labeled a stalker.

Is it illegal to use third-party services?

The policy does not enforce and rules against it. Even then, these methods do not hack into the platform. Rather, they only show the background statistics.


It is not a bad practice to be conscious of the type of audience you attract. If you are an artist or even a content creator of some kind, the feature can be very useful to help you know the type of material that attracts the most acceptable kinds of views and their relative quantities.

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