PDF files are everywhere; you just can’t get away from them nowadays. You may love Word docs and use it as a preferred format but chances are PDFs are still popping up in your inbox. PDFs have a few advantages over Word, especially in business.

The files are a breeze to share, work across multiple devices, and it’s hard to beat the security you get with a PDF. Even filling out a PDF is super simple, and you can make it even easier. When you use the best PDF filler around, you can streamline the process without running into any hassles. Still not sure if you need PDF filler and editor software? Here’s something to think about.

Easily Convertible

Surprisingly, not everyone has actively embraced PDFs just yet. Yes, there are some people completely dedicated to Word and can’t imagine using any other format. If this applies to someone on your team or who eventually needs to open the file, no worries!

A great PDF filler also makes it easy to convert the file to a Word doc. Really, all it takes is a simple click of a tab, and you’re good to go. That’s all it takes: a simple click of the mouse and the file is now a Word document.

Boost Collaboration

Are you working on a team project? If so, collaboration is key. If everyone can’t keep up with the edits or know when to pay attention to a line of text, confusion is common, and this also means mistakes are more likely. Even one small mistake on a file can turn the project upside down.

Guess what nifty feature comes with the editing and filler software? You can use sticky notes to draw everyone’s attention to a section of the text. Yes, there’s a tab for this function. Talk about an easy way of preventing mistakes and boosting efficiency.

Take Advantage of Fillable Fields

Filling in multiple fields is time-consuming, especially if the next step is converting the PDF file to another format.

With a tool like pdfsimpli, you can tackle this chore in a matter of minutes. Just follow the simple prompts and your file is good to go. You can even customize the fillable fields for everyone else on the team. The downloadable tool even lets you make last-minute changes to the fields.

Security is Crucial

Some files you don’t care if the world reads, but others may contain proprietary or protected information that you need to keep away from prying eyes. For example, medical records. HIPAA is pretty clear when it comes to the expectation of patient privacy. HIPAA isn’t the only cybersecurity protocol you may need to follow, as other industries have their own security watchdogs and compliance requirements.

Using a PDF file format, security is typically built in, which includes even when you’re using an editing and filler tool. You can lock file access or only allow a few authorized people to work on the file. With all of the advantages, it makes sense to start using a PDF filler.

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