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It is not possible to be liked by everybody both in real life and the virtual world. The majority of people usually keep their opinions to themselves but other part expresses them by all means. That’s how dislikes on YouTube appear. YouTubers assure they are indifferent to dislikes but sometimes the fact really upsets them. Viewing the matter in this aspect, dislikes matter on YouTube. But what about marketing goals? Do dislikes affect your search engine rankings? Let’s handle this issue.

How do dislikes affect YouTube videos?

As I have already mentioned above, YouTubers really care about other people’s opinion regarding them. Follow this link to find out whether it is possible to know exactly who of your viewers put thumbs down to your videos.

There are different sides of the same coin: on one hand – dislikes matter, on the other hand – they mean nothing. Let’s delve in this issue a bit.

  • It’s your viewers’ feedback. Even if you did not sleep at night and worked hard on your content but some ill-wishers did not appreciate your video – you get profit. Dislikes explain you non-verbally that something went wrong and force you to think and analyze what exactly. We learn only from our own mistakes. If you take dislikes into consideration but not to heart, you will be able to make an upward leap and perform better within your channel.
  • It is a form of engagement. YouTube takes into account any reaction from your audience. According to the algorithm, YouTube cares about engagement more than views or a number of subscribers. You should fall to thinking if your videos get more dislikes than likes, of course. But keep in mind, that dislikes also profit your channel being a form of interaction and active engagement.
  • Credibility. Imagine that your video has got thousands of likes and zero dislikes. Viewers may cast some doubt on your channel’s credibility. It is not possible to be liked by everybody, do you remember? It is better to have some dislikes to assure people of your honest performance on YouTube.

Why dislikes do not matter?

  • They do not have any impact on your search rankings. Dislikes do not hurt your search engine results, and these are good news.
  • If one specific viewer persistently clicks on thumbs down button below your videos, they will not be shown to him anymore. However, it does not concern your fans. Only in the cases when your video gets a lot of dislikes, this info spreads across the recommendations of other viewers and can affect the success in general.
  • The watch time, for example, is more valuable information for YouTube that shows a real picture of whether a person enjoys a video or not. In this case, dislikes are a less important factor for an algorithm.

Keep in mind: nevertheless, dislikes can influence the visibility of your channel in the future. For example, getting likes helps your video being discovered easier. It is shown up in recommended sidebar and home page recommendations. Even if dislikes are a form of engagement, you should not strive for getting them in any case.


There is no definite answer to the question – do dislikes matter on YouTube or not? It depends on the way of looking at it. We can admit without hesitation that dislikes do not have a direct impact on the search engine rankings. At the same time, they may influence the popularity and distribution of your video on YouTube. Anyway, do your best to create valuable content, and the number of dislikes will be minimal to stop worrying about them at all.

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