Somebody once said that women love with their ears. The 21st century confirms that everyone loves with his ears, and this love is not determined by compliments only.

More and more people prefer to perceive information by ear. They listen to the books in the subway or while driving a car. They listen to another long-format audio content which serves as a background while doing domestic chores, for example. In the wake of the growing popularity of iPods at the beginning of 2000, the world got acquainted with a podcast. It could be compared to a radio broadcast on a specific topic if use direct words.

At present, there are lots of podcasters and content produced for every possible topic. The services to download podcasts are countless too. What is special on YouTube? Why should you use this good old friend for podcasting? A shred of reasons below.

4 Reasons to use YouTube for Podcasting

If you were asked what YouTube is for, I am completely certain that you would answer that it is for video content. I am going to break the news, and disclose a secret that YouTube is a perfect platform for podcasting you should start using right now or consider at least.

  1. SEO benefits
  2. YouTube has been in intimate relations with Google since the last one made an investment, and bought the website in 2006. Since then, Google has been leading its users straight to YouTube. The keywords you include whether to the description or the title of your video, as well the tags you apply will show up in Google once somebody does any search using the same keywords or tags. Google will definitely offer you YouTube videos on the first page of results along with other links. Podcasting on YouTube provides you with visibility, awareness, and traffic as a result. If you have your own website with blog posts, for example, you can increase your searchability embedding your youtube podcast in it. All the keywords and tags will be automatically applied to your blog post. This is cross-referencing, my friend, and it is incredibly beneficial in couple with Google and YouTube.

  3. Enormous audience
  4. youtube_billion users

    1,8 billion users go to YouTube every month. It is even more than an entire population of China. Could you imagine the scale? There are lots of chances for your podcast to be discovered and liked by the audience if you produce top quality content. YouTube is a homeland for all the topics having been recorded, and for absolutely various people. If you are a crackjack, it will be easier to get subscribers and build your community on YouTube than somewhere else.

    Please note: consider promoting your content outside YouTube, get people to visit your channel and your YouTube viewership will not be long in coming.

  5. All-too familiar
  6. We all know YouTube very well as it has been with us for 14 years already. There is a proof that people feel more confident with things that are easy to handle and long familiar. You’d better spend more time on creating engaging content and ennobling your page than on investigating an absolutely new platform. Time is money, do not waste both.

  7. Top of Mind

  8. youtubelogo

    Now, according to studies there is a huge group of people who move to YouTube to search out information. Perhaps, it was a secret idea of Google when it bought YouTube some years ago. We are waiting for that time when Google will give the palm of the first search engine to YouTube. It is likely to happen in the nearest future according to the latest observations. If the platform you use is already a top of mind, what prevents your podcasts from becoming the same?

YouTube is the most promising platform to make your voice recognizable. If dig deeper and conduct an analysis, you will find out that the demand for audio on YouTube is increasing. That is why an audio-specific platform – YouTube Music with numerous playlists featuring the latest hits and music podcasts, was launched. YouTube has a huge potential and lots of opportunities to seize. Just do not blow them!

How to Start a Podcast on YouTube

Hope you have got inspired and are all set to hold people’s attention and entertain them with your podcasts on YouTube. It’s high time you took your podcasting skills to the next level.

Create and customize your YouTube Channel

It is a high-priority task to make your channel appealing. Do you remember that good clothes open all doors? Since this moment and on, you have become a brand. Head for turning your channel into professional and eye-catching spot. Think out the name of your channel and its description, channel icon and banner, thumbnails and all that creative stuff to establish your identity and point the audience attention.


Set up your privacy and notification settings at once to avoid coming back to them later. It is a smart approach to have all the settings done at the beginning, and move further with confidence.

Create the URL for your channel’s RSS feed

You will need a podcast-only feed for people to find you when they’re looking for podcasts like yours. This special URL will be used as your podcast’s RSS feed for podcast applications, directories and for your listeners to keep up-to-date on all your new podcasts. If they are subscribed to your podcast RSS feed, all the updates will appear in real time in their summary display.

The format for the feed is http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/yourchannelname/uploads.

Watch this video to find out more about creating RSS Feed For a Youtube Channel.

Add content to your channel

Finally, it’s high time you pottered specifically with podcasts.

On your channel’s homepage, there is an “Upload” button in the upper right corner to add content to your channel. There is an option to upload multiple files or go live. To experience Live Streaming you will need to pass verification by YouTube, and get ready for broadcasting from a moral point of view. But this is another story.

You can be tempted to take an easy way: to create an audio podcast and put some cover on the screen. This approach will reveal your laziness and introduce you to your audience as a hobbyist. What is more, it is not engaging. People search for professionals, quality content, and interaction. Spend some time, and create slides to accompany your speech, at least. It will be easier to grasp the ideas and have your audience hooked.

Video podcasts are extremely efficient to help you cut through the noise. They are perceived better because of the special character and vibes. Film your podcasts, grant them face, and visibility.

I am not going to describe here what equipment you need and how to set it up. However, you should choose a high-quality microphone, and have some skills of using audio editing software. It is crucial.

Boost with RSS feed URL

Use your RSS feed URL as many times as possible. Add it to your website or anywhere for the visitors to discover easily and subscribe to your YouTube podcast. It is a simple way to drive traffic to your channel and make people stay.


Having discovered all those pieces of advice and tips above, you have good food for thought at the moment. I have done my best to highlight some technical aspects and persuasive arguments you can’t resist. Podcasting on YouTube is one of the best ways to ensnare your audience. Do you still need another reasons?

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