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Have you ever thought why people shoot videos and post them on YouTube? In fact, the reasons for such a decision are different, and if with the first video, it is only an effort to try blogging, all the next pieces are added with the goal to get views and earn money by that.

You will agree that one of the keys to multiple views is a good title.

Not all videos are as engaging as others, but sometimes, their titles play the main role in their popularity. Today, you can see hundreds of different video headings which, in fact, mean the same. However, some of them manage to attract more viewers and the others remain in the tail of the search engine results.

This article will tell you how to compose efficient Youtube titles which encourage to watch videos till the end and find them easily in the search engine. Moreover, you can read out examples of successful headings too.

Basic Tips on How to Create Catchy YouTube Titles

No matter how exciting and informative your video is, without a catchy title, it can be hardly found by viewers.

Look: you should learn the basic tips from experts on how to entitle your videos creatively for them to go viral and draw more subscribers.

Here you can find several tips on how to boost the success of your videos with an eye-catching clickbait title:

  1. Keep up with the Joneses

    YouTube always features the most popular videos at the top of the search engine results. Being in trend is a very effective way to expand the number of subscribers, so it is important to check the current tendencies regularly to keep up with the existing trends.

    Even if the theme of your videos has nothing in common with the ones ranked the highest by the platform, you still can take advantage of them. We advise you to read their titles carefully and adjust them to your personal topic. It is natural that copying will not bring about the desirable results, but quality rewriting that makes them unique may bear fruit.

  2. Use numbers

    Have you ever noticed how many titles include digits? Almost every search engine result offers articles or video pieces that involve “5 tips”, “10 examples”, or “7 ways”. It is not surprising since these simple numbers look very appealing to viewers waking up their interest. They also show what the audience should expect from the video piece and let viewers make their own predictions.

    Moreover, digits take a minimum of space in the heading and allow you to say more.

  3. Insert keywords organically

    Though keywords are associated with something boring, they are a necessity when it comes to search engines. If you want your video to be ranked the highest in the search results, you need to use popular and corresponding keywords.

    Of course, it is difficult for a non-professional to find out which keys on your topic are the most effective ones. However, there are several modern tools used for this purpose. It is enough to type your topic, country, and language to get the most popular key phrases. Then, try to surround one of these keys with more appealing and eye-catching words.

  4. Place your name at the end

    Many content creators want that their masterpieces were associated with their names and include them in the titles. However, if you decide to do that, remember that the first thing viewers are interested in is what this video is about. That is why experts advise mentioning the name of the YouTube channel owner at the very end of the heading. Moreover, it is preferable to separate it with a vertical bar or hyphen to emphasize the importance of the first half.

  5. Pay attention to the title accuracy

    The video title is a short summary of its content, so it should be clear and reflect what is shown in the video piece. It can be also the main idea of the piece and its accuracy is of utmost importance.

    If your title mentions something different from the video content, your viewers will feel cheated and stop watching it immediately. Moreover, there are high chances that they will not choose this channel again.

  6. Use capital letters in every word of the heading

    Though this approach has not been approved scientifically yet, capitalization is considered to be more appealing than small letters. However, it is better to check on practice!

  7. Build anticipation

    The best titles are ones that do not provide a full story but only give a hint of what to expect. Remember to meet the expectations of your viewers by offering them a context that is described in the heading.

  8. Count the number of characters used

    When it comes to YouTube titles, it is possible to write up to 100 characters in their descriptions. However, we do not advise to use all of them since too long titles take more time to read them. As a result, it is better to be brief and accurate.

    One more thing to consider is how YouTube titles are represented by Google. This search engine shows only 70 characters and the word ‘Youtube’ is included in this number. Consequently, the optimal number of characters, in this case, is up to 62. Keep that in mind!

  9. Avoid questions

    It is preferable to use descriptive titles than ask questions in them. Usually, people watch videos to find answers to their personal questions and such interrogative responses are not the best idea.

    In addition, this topic was analyzed by Tubular Research and its results say about 24% better performance of descriptive titles in comparison with interrogative ones.

  10. Test regularly

    Time flies and trends and preferences change too. It means that not everything that is appreciated now will work the same tomorrow. It is important to try different variants of titles until you find the best solution for yourself and your audience.

15 Great Examples of Effective Video Titles

The theory is, undoubtedly, useful but how do all these tips work on practice? Let’s look through 15 effective video titles which attract the audience and find out what is special about them.

How To Cook a Tasty Cake Without Baking

This heading is efficient because it includes “how to” guide that will inform about the procedure, important keywords associated with culinary, and shows that the video is an answer to the challenge for many hostesses.

7 Simple Ways To Write An Essay / 5 Tips On Moving Interstate

These headings offer a solution to the problem, include keywords on a paper writing topic, and a number.

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling Alone / 8 Pros And Cons Of Traveling By Car

Together with a digit representation and a keyword, these titles offer important pieces of advice that may come in handy in a certain situation. They are clear and short as well as raise a popular topic of traveling.

The Secret of Creating DIY Interior Decor

Why would you watch this video? Well, it opens you a secret unknown to other people. Pay attention to capitalization used as well.

A Guide to Making a Tasty Fish Soup / A Key To Time Management Success

Not every cook can prepare a fish soup to make your mouth water, but this video will teach you to cook a delicious meal, so two simple words such as ‘guide’ and ‘tasty’ make it very efficient.

Beautiful Earrings Made Easily

This example is appealing since its words ‘made easily’ serve as a red piece of fabric for a bull. Every lady wishes to get new earrings and these ones are easy to make. Why not try then?

Dream of a Bra Like on Victoria Beckham? Create It Yourself Right Now

The key to the success of this heading is mentioning a celebrity in combination with the words right now. Who does not want to get a free clothing piece similar to one worn by a famous person?

The Best Ever Animal Fun Videos! / Number One Shampoo Against Hair Loss

Will you refuse to watch ‘the best’ videos? Is there any sense to watch others if these ones are the best? Two short words make your video outstanding.

Just 5 Minutes For Your Night Makeup / How To Remove Mold in 30 Seconds

Both these videos accentuate a short period of time used for the completion of tasks which usually require more time. This is their trick!

The Top 5 Celebrity Divorces of 2019!

This heading suggests you not only to learn about the most unbelievable things but also focuses on the latest trends mentioning this year and digits to attract attention.


If you think that the key to the success of video on YouTube channel is the video itself, be ready to ruin this stereotype. The most important thing in every video piece is its title. It is important not only for the audience who is going to watch this video but also for the search engine that offers search results. Make your videos more popular creating effective titles thanks to the tips mentioned, and you will see how significant their role is in the channel success!

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