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Do Dislikes Matter on YouTube

It is not possible to be liked by everybody both in real life and the virtual world. The majority of people usually keep their opinions to themselves but other part expresses them by all means. That’s how dislikes on YouTube appear. YouTubers assure they are indifferent to dislikes but sometimes Continue Reading

Top 6 YouTube name generator tools

5 Best YouTube Title Generators 2019

Have you ever met those crazy parents who analyze semantic and linguistic meaning, statistics, and take into account trends and astrological interpretations before choosing the name for a newborn. They say: “As you name the boat, so shall it float”. When choosing the name of your YouTube channel, it is Continue Reading

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Can You See Who Dislikes Your YouTube Videos?

Most of YouTubers constantly say about their protective immunity to haters and indifference to dislikes and negative comments below their videos. However, the analytics suggests otherwise. There are lots of search queries on Google as “How to find out who dislikes your YouTube video?” It is a good example to Continue Reading

Does Skipping Ads Hurt Youtubers?

Have you ever practiced skipping YouTube ads? Undoubtedly, it is difficult to find a person who would exchange the pleasure of watching a video he likes for several seconds of advertisement. However, have you ever thought whether skipped ads pay out YouTubers? You may agree that not everyone thinks about Continue Reading

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Why Do YouTubers Ask for Likes?

YouTube is by far the largest video sharing site—nothing even comes close to it. To get views, one of your main goals will be to rank in YouTube’s searches without putting in more effort than your initial promotion. You need to create videos people actually want to watch and like. Continue Reading

Why Do YouTubers Have Multiple Channels?

Why Do YouTubers Have Multiple Channels?

Today, it is difficult to surprise anyone with the news that you post videos on Youtube. But you may wonder what makes vloggers get several channels on one video portal? Probably, you will agree that the main reasons why people shoot and add video on Youtube are not only a Continue Reading